4 Ways to Increase Your Capacity

Published By George Izunwa, June 22nd, 2023

4 Ways to Increase Your Capacity

4 Ways to Increase Your Capacity

If you were a bucket, how much liquid would you be able to hold at once? If you were a caterer and you’ve been asked to cater for 10,000 people, would you be able to?

This is by no means undermining your capabilities. It’s easy to say “I can” until the opportunity comes. I know you have been praying and anticipating a breakthrough; are you as prepared for it as you have prayed for it? Have you built capacity for that marriage, job, ministry, business, child rearing and so on that you’ve been praying for? What if the delay you are experiencing is God asking you to build your capacity so you don’t waste the opportunities that may come your way?

God doesn’t waste resources. Recall the parable of the five talents in Matthew 25. The master gave talents to three people. He would have tried to be fair by ensuring he shared those talents equally but no, he was a realist. He understood that the one without capacity would only squander the resources if given. So, he gave each of them talents according to their capacities. As predicted, the one with 1 talent hid his and produced nothing.

For anyone to rise to a place of enthronement and relevance, that person must have built capacity for the throne.

How then can you build or increase your capacity for the throne?

1. Become a better communicator by learning and practising

It’s one thing to have a vision and pursue it but it’s another thing to turn that vision into a reality. And, many times, for any vision to become a reality, it can’t be done alone. That is, there must be a partnership. To get buy-in for that partnership, there must be proper and effective communication. Anyone unable to effectively communicate a vision, need, etc cannot get the buy-in of others and may never rise.

2. Grow in your ability to think more critically

Over time, we become products of our thoughts. What separates one man from another is his ability to produce results. Interestingly, nobody has exceptional results in matters that concern many others without giving deep thought to such matters. Your thoughts will give you ideas that will later translate into strategies, then, into actions. Critical thinking is the foundation for better decision-making. Learn the act of thinking and analysing where you are vs where you are going. Get thinking today!

3. Intentionally expand your network and invest in relationships

Relationships are priceless! They are vehicles, either for lifting men or leading them to their destruction. Indeed, no man is an island and no one can do life alone. If God is going to bless a man or help him, he will need the partnership of other men. Someone once said that every man’s net worth is proportional to his network. Are you building yours? Make the move. Take a step. He that must have friends must first show himself friendly.

4. Toughen up and develop yourself to manage difficulties, overcome challenges and solve problems

Nobody who is too weak and faint-hearted can handle anything serious. Leadership always comes with tough times and tough problems. Challenges will surface at different seasons of our lives. Such situations are not meant to swallow us up. Every leader knows this. Everyone who succeeds understands this. Success takes a fight and only fighters win. Toughen up and fight until you win!

With a short period of training and personal development, you can build your capacity in the areas of your life that require growth. To increase your capacity for more, commit to intentional personal development today.

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