Published By George Izunwa, May 23rd, 2023



Life is progressive when we have healthy expectations of our partners who are aware of these expectations and committed to improving the quality of our relationships rather than insisting on their opinions. Truly, it takes intentionality and mutual understanding for relationships to thrive.

After a conversation with some congregants at our church where both single and married people were asked to share what they wanted in relationships, it is noteworthy that people do have expectations that are not out of place. Some of these expectations form the basics of what would be shared in this article.

So, here are five things men expect from women:

Every man wants a woman who is committed to his progress

Nobody wants to be associated with someone who doesn’t believe in them. This is true for the least level of relationships, let alone a marital relationship. You will agree that one of the reasons you get attracted to people and want to establish a cordial relationship with them is their attitude towards you—an attitude that demonstrates faith in you and your vision. Because every man worth having a family has a vision and goals he is working towards achieving, he desires a woman who will believe in him and commit to his vision. While any other person can demand so much and rant about not being taken care of, not the woman in his life. He would expect her to put his interest—his business, career, ministry, life’s goals, etc. ahead of her personal needs. Men expect their women to have a genuine interest in their progress and committedly contribute to helping them rise.

Every Man Wants a Spiritually-minded Woman

Life is tough, fearful and unpredictable. It takes a woman with an understanding of this to weather the storms that may arise on one’s journey to destiny. Hence, prayer and other Christian practices are key to victorious living. A woman who cannot pray for and with a partner is almost a liability in the home. It’s risky to be attached to a young lady who has no spiritual commitments. Any lady who is quite active on social media and says nothing about God, her church and her pastor has something to hide and most likely has questionable character and moral behaviour. I warn that men are more careful and women begin to take note of some things that may be the reason they don’t attract the godly men they so desire.

Every man wants a “baby girl”

Doesn’t this sound funny and weird? Well, maybe it does. But it isn’t. One of the problems of Christian ladies is not knowing how to strike the balance between being chic and being godly, being homely and decent, yet sassy and sexy. If you are unmarried as of now, save the “sexy” for later. That’s on a lighter note. Men are attracted by what they see. So, they expect the women in their lives to appeal to their sight. As a married woman, you will need to understand that your husband loves sex; he loves when you initiate it and bring the vibes that make it exciting. Additionally, there is nothing as attractive as a cheerful and forgiving woman. Have you ever been around a baby before, especially a girl? She is so light-hearted, easy-going and sweet. I have never seen a baby hold grudges. That’s what men need. Every man needs a forgiving woman because he knows he will mess up again and again. Messing up is not necessarily about infidelity. It is human to make mistakes and err. This tendency to err increases with every increase in responsibility. And this is the reason making mistakes cannot be separated from the life of a leader. Men lead their homes and every man is prone to making mistakes, so, the woman mustn’t be one who will tear him apart and make the home unbearable when he makes a mistake. For a man, unconditional love and patience from their wives are non-negotiable.

Every man wants a woman who is committed to her personal growth

Success has many friends; I am sure you must have heard this before. Everybody loves and wants to be associated with success. Many people in this part of the world say men do not appreciate very successful women. And this is why women need to be sensitive and careful not to marry men who can’t stand their success. Although some men are like this, some strong men are confident and able to lead their families. Such men appreciate open-minded and teachable women, not because they intend to control or teach but because they love to see their women grow and do great things. It’s quite soothing to hear someone tell you how proud they are of you, and it’s more soothing to hear God tell you that He is proud of you because you are committed to discovering and deploying your potential through personal growth and development. To a secure and visionary man, a constantly growing yet humble and submissive woman is priceless.

Every man wants a respectful woman

In this generation, submission seems to be forbidden and old-fashioned, especially with the rise in feminism and “wokeness”. However, the submission of a wife to her husband is an agelong Biblical principle that cannot be pushed aside when the marriage relationship is involved. It involves respect and honour for the man with whom you are maritally associated. As dating relationships progress to courtship and marriage, men intentionally look out for this trait—respect in their women. Understanding that when it comes to marital relationships, there is only one head—the man who must be respected will keep your marriage or engagement peaceful, the woman’s social and financial status notwithstanding. Respect is seen in words, actions, body language and any other aspect of your relationship with another person. A wise woman, the Bible says, builds her home but a foolish woman pulls it down with her hands (Proverbs 14:1). Wisdom here, is seen in a woman’s ability to respect, submit to and honour her husband.

Are you a man seeking to have a peaceful and godly home? This is a guide to choosing a spouse. As a woman, intentionally position yourself for your husband and a thriving home by developing or improving on these traits.

Cheers to a blissful home!

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