Have you ever come across a parcel, perhaps a gift placed in a carton within which are other similar but smaller cartons with a little item (the main object of the parcel) placed in the smallest of the cartons? It does look reasonable – the parcel – big and worth having when it has been well packaged; that is, until it is unwrapped. Then, it leaves us disappointed and upset, wondering why we had to go through the stress of opening such items. Whether a serious moment or just a prank, it leaves a lasting impression.


A typical example of such a situation in the scriptures is found in Mark 11:12-14, “On the day following, when they had come away from Bethany, He was hungry. And seeing in the distance a fig tree [covered] with leaves, He went to see if He could find any [fruit] on it [for in the fig tree the fruit appears at the same time as the leaves]. But when He came up to it, He found nothing but leaves, for the fig season had not yet come. And He said to it, No one ever again shall eat fruit from you. And His disciples were listening [to what He said].”


I can imagine Jesus’ disappointment when he approached the tree. It’s just the same way you felt when you unwrapped that attractive present only to find in it several other wrapping papers containing nothing tangible. You may wonder at the story of the fig tree and try to justify that it wasn’t the season of figs. But then, why were the leaves out? You may think – well, at least there was an item in the multitude of the wrapping papers no matter how little. True! But the irrelevance of the many cartons or wrapping papers (as the case may be) may make the gift invaluable and unappreciated.


In the same manner, we may have our excuses for not meeting up to God’s expectations of us; but, excuses never take away impressions. We may have reasons for not reaching out to others but such reasons would never change the fact that our lives left an impression of selfishness. It’s okay to drive cars. It’s okay to acquire properties. It’s okay to get to the peak of our various careers. It’s okay to get married, have children and be comfortable. It’s even okay to be very ambitious and very famous. Kudos to you! It is very much okay to appear great and mighty. But the question is: are you really mighty because of what you’ve achieved?


It’s absolutely possible to be so mighty yet so small. A life all wrapped up in itself makes a mighty small parcel. The joy of life is not achieving goals, objectives and even purposes. Often, there is greater fulfillment in adding value to other lives in the process of our own journey to purpose. High impact living is leading a life that positively affects, influences and enriches other lives.


Like the fig tree and the over wrapped parcel, rather than enrich other lives, we frustrate, upset and disappoint them when we choose to live a self-absorbed life.


Choose to live intentionally today.

Choose to make a difference.


Question: In what way could you give back to your world?

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