Published By George Izunwa, August 1st, 2022



Hello People of God!

AUGUST is here! You will go “FORWARD”!

God is bringing you into your high places by his grace & mercy! You will experience a new revelation of his exceptional kindness!

He said to tell you that, “life will be kind to you” in this season! The answers you sought for a long time has finally arrived! Get set for mega celebrations!


TEXT: GEN 26:12-22


Our God exists in a realm of transcendent glory & his desire is to take us from one level of glory to another, all through life! We are not meant to have a better yesterday! And the Holy Spirit says that “this August, will come with a glory outpouring that will hasten & enlarge the destiny results of many!” Get set for an unusual leap forward!

“The harvest of the year is already here” says the Lord. “Take hold of your inheritance by faith! Enter into new territories – in business, career, relationship, immigration etc – with boldness. Yes, there may be battles & pressures, but keep digging the wells of grace & believe for ‘Rehoboth’. It will not be long, and your joy will be full!”

He said; “Ask for this!” I looked & something so dazzling beautiful, with reflective rainbow colours, was coming like rain drops upon people! “Just like on Pentecost day, the season of the glory of the church has fully come! For in the midst of this present darkness will I reveal myself through my people!”

Then I saw as if men were in travail to give birth! Multitudes of pregnant men! And he said to me: “Tell them to gather to me; get them set in the place of prayer; midwife their prophecies; bring them back to my altar of mercy & I will command the release of their inheritance in God!” On August 20, 2022, we will have a “Men on the Altar” prayer rally!

I was much concerned about the sad state of things in Nigeria. Then the Lord said to me: “Set your heart on my covenant & not on the challenges around you. Refuse to allow the noise of the world steal my word from you! Seek me & speak from me & I will be both your shelter & destiny launchpad!”

On the Nigeria election question. He said to me: “Keep your watch with me. Remember my word that some who seem ahead will not be there when it is done. A ‘strange dynamic’ will come in from November that will affect the face of the nation going forward. The wicked will not go unpunished!”

Friend, the changing season will not swallow your destiny! Your business & career will go forward! Your dreams & desires will not be denied! Your life will go FORWARD by the help of God!

There will be drastic divine interventions in many families! Family members who were a burden & concern will suddenly experience a supernatural turnaround! Please lift up prayers for them within the first 7 days of August!

More grace!

George Izunwa

Lead Pastor

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