The Judge Rigged it!

“In most systems of the world, A rigged Outcome is Permitted”  ~Pastor George Izunwa

In recent and previous elections in Nigeria, it is always believed elections are being rigged by the stronger party. Suffice me to say that it is not peculiar only to Nigeria or African countries but also practiced in the developed nations as well and even surprisingly, the bible.

Let’s take a look at Jacob, he had always had favor with the right persons in power. At first, in ...

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Have you ever come across a parcel, perhaps a gift placed in a carton within which are other similar but smaller cartons with a little item (the main object of the parcel) placed in the smallest of the cartons? It does look reasonable – the parcel – big and worth having when it has been well packaged; that is, until it is unwrapped. Then, it leaves us disappointed and upset, wondering why we had to go through the stress of ...

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“In Gods value system, the purpose of the church ranks higher than the perfection of the church!” – Pst. George Izunwa

A wise man once defined the church as an institution that is both perfect in Christ and flawed in its humanity.  Men who focus on the flaws often make light of the purpose! Purpose? Yes, purpose. The church has a purpose which is:

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As the pace of life evolves, moving quickly should be a natural instinct for any human; yet, not everyone moves with speed.

We are not strangers to the word ‘speed.’ But what really does it entail?

Simply put, speed is how fast you can move yourself from one point or level to another.

To be relevant and to maintain relevance, speed is a significant factor to consider.

Why bother about speed? I hear you whisper. Must I be in a hurry about my dreams ...

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Life is Good – Part 3


”Anytime life is in an “in-between phase”, our attitude must reflect our faith & not the circumstances”

 Pst. George Izunwa

Faith is trusting in the integrity of God’s word! Really? Yeah. Not having faith is like telling God, I don’t believe a word you say in the bible. I don’t trust that you are dependable. If at all what is written in the scriptures happened and they are not just stories, then ...

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Life is Good – Part 2


“The proof that a person distrusts God’s master plan is when the future occupies him/her with anxiety!”

– Pst. George Izunwa

Heart condition is life’ most critical condition. For your smile to keep blossoming, one’s heart needs to be guided Proverbs 4:23

Nothing can satisfy a man whose heart is in competition with vanity! Let’s see some practical examples:

1.     Imelda Marcos, the wife of former Philippine President was obsessed with clothes, shoes, and jewelry. In fact, her 3000 shoes ...

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Life is Good – Part 1


“A person’s attitude to life affects his/her sense of fulfilment in life, more than the realities of life”

– George Izunwa.

Anyone who is intentional about a good life must be intentional about the atmosphere around him!
You can be very sure that every day, for as long as you live here on earth, life will fight hard to take your smile and shine!  Secondly, you must also know that negative people and situations ...

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The Unfruitful

The night before Jesus’ crucifixion, He proclaimed He was the True Vine and we are the branches. John 15:1-8.

Years ago while studying all through the night for Senior School Certificate Exams, I decided to take a nap to digest what I had studied. I had a revelation of Jesus speaking to me in the vision of the night that every branch that does not bear fruit will be cut off! Why would Jesus speak such words to me? Was ...

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Psalms 119:130 says: “The entrance of thy word giveth light; it giveth understanding to the simple

“Whatever is not working for you, is a sign that you don’t know it well enough”
__George Izunwa

Whenever truth is encountered, transformation is inevitable. Transformation talks about an alteration or change in your perception, or a breaking away from old beliefs that are not working, and stepping into new realities. The reason why most people remain at the same level in life for a long ...

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I have had a dream and I have had nightmares. I overcame the nightmares because of my DREAMS”.
– Jonas Salk

Not all dreams have spiritual or destiny significance. Admittedly, it is sometimes difficult to know which dreams really matter, but a careful attention to certain kinds of dreams may help us glean the best of them or to mount up a strong opposition against the works and devices of the devil.

The Vivid Dream

A vivid dream is a dream that is ...

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