Community Outreach


To make Christ and the church more visible within and outside the four walls of the church.


  • Free Medical Care Program

    The Community Outreach of Gateway International Church handles the medical needs of members and non-members of Gateway International Church alike. The Arm is mostly constituted by medical professionals (Doctors, Midwives, Nurses, Medical laboratory technicians, Pharmacists and ancillary members). The arm has been in existence since the year 2007 and has been growing day to day as the church expands.

    The impact of the Arm is better experienced than explained. The yearly free medical week program held by the Arm treats people within Gateway and outside (non-members) of Gateway free of charge. In 2013 September edition, the Arm tasked her team of medical doctors and personnel to Elioparanwo town our host community where over 100 persons were treated free. For four days a team from the Arm consisting of two medical doctors and over 10 nurses with a medical laboratory personnel treated over 1000 persons and over 40 operation cases operated free of charge. In every service day there are doctors and nurses on duty in our health bay treating emergencies and other ailments as the case arises.

    Medical Cases have been referred to in UPTH, BMH, Danferd Clinic and Capstone Hospital. Cases were treated in India 2011.

  • Random Acts Of Kindness

    The “Random Acts of Kindness” is a community impact initiative of the Lead Pastor of Gateway International Church. The aim is to mobilize members to random acts of kindness towards people where there is no expectation of reward or requital. Hundreds of members went into the streets with gifts and materials to surprise total strangers with the love of Jesus. The church also sent staffs and volunteers too many slums and batcher settlements to give gifts to hundreds of families.

    RAOK now includes AVIVAR – the Extravagant Love Concert which is the climax of the Random Acts of Kindness. The concert brings together God’s people in fellowship and communion.

  • Teachers Appreciation Service

    In honor of teachers as “Destiny moulders” to our children, Gateway International Church on Saturday 12 October 2013, hosted it’s first “Teachers Appreciation Service”. Over 500 teachers from various primary, secondary and tertiary institutions – and from all religious & denominational backgrounds- were treated to grand reception and honor. School heads and proprietors were honored at the dinner. The church promised to make an annual exercise as another dimension of its community impact initiative.

We testify about the goodness of God in the past years. The Arm is moving from glory to glory.