Published By George Izunwa, December 2nd, 2023



Welcome to December! 

This month, goodness & mercy will overshadow you! The word you will hear so much this month is ‘CONGRATULATIONS!’ There will be back-to-back acts of God’s mercy in your life this December! You will be the exhibit of the covenant faithfulness of God! 

“Thou crownest the year with thy goodness; and thy paths drop fatness” – Ps 65:11 [KJV] 

I hear the Spirit of The Lord saying, “Peace! Reject every anxiety! Walk in my fullness! Take your eyes off the world system! You’re not alone! Nothing is out of control! It’s not late! Recover your joy! Rise from the dust! Trust again! Yes, my word will not return void! Your year will end in testimonies! I will bring you through & your life will testify of me!” 

Again I saw in the spirit, a man with his hand pointing over the horizon. It looked like the sun was rising over a cloudy morning. He simply smiled at me & I got the message: “The sun will yet rise! The cloudiness is but for a moment! Focus on the future! Look ahead with the eyes of faith! See greater glory ahead! Pray positive! Prophesy it! Position for it! Pursue it & you will Possess it!” 

Pray these prayer points;

-i- Lord, thank You for 2023! I sanctify this year to end in testimonies & 2024 to begin in Your glory! 

-ii- Lord, hasten every unfulfilled word concerning 2023 in my life! Command immediate manifestation for me! 

-iii- There will be no carryover of any negative into 2024! Whatever should not follow me into my future must drop by fire, NOW! 

-iv- I release divine judgment against every power resisting my life & slowing my destiny journey! Be uprooted in Jesus Christ’s name! 

-v- Lord, open my eyes to Your plan & programs for the coming days! Help me to be positioned in the place of Your acts! 

-v- There shall be no loss! No last-minute shame! No evil report! Only celebrations in my life, family & church as this year wraps up! 


Can you hear the sound of heaven? There is the voice of a great multitude & they’re singing; “Great is thy faithfulness”! And He said to me, “Invite them to join the train!” So, Sir/Ma, please make December your month of intentional gratitude! Let God feel your passion for Him & His possibilities in your life will multiply! 


George Izunwa

Lead Pastor

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