Published By Web Admin, December 1st, 2022



Hallelujah! It’s December 2022; Our month of Great Grace!

Again, heaven is in a hurry to complete the works of 2022! Results will be coming in rapid succession! Long delayed blessings will manifest, suddenly! The Lord is both confirming his word & vindicating himself in many lives! This will be the atmosphere of December 2022!




This is the assurance from God: 2022 will end in testimonies! It will end in shoutings of grace, grace! It is not over & will not be over until Gods word is fulfilled! The year will keep its prophetic promise even to its last hour! Believe God!

“Son, pray! Pray! Pray again! It is not late! Pray until what needs to be shaken, shakes! Pray until you see an eruption of strange results! Never consider the year a lost year! Anything can turn around in a moment! Pray into great grace!”

He said to me, “tell them, if they don’t let it go, it won’t let them grow!” This is the word for those hurt, disappointed, offended, betrayed & broken by life issues this year! Let go! Force yourself to! Do your best to forgive, shake it off, hmmm it, and keep focus! Never allow anything dampen your faith! What the enemy meant for evil will result in good!

Also, I heard the angel of the Lord say to me: “Speak against the enemy! Keep speaking! They will not have the last word! Curse their imaginations & incantations! Reverse their evil expectations! You will not be a victim of evil!”

There will be an outpouring of the oil of joy in families this December! Many will be permanently excited without knowing why! It will be contagious! It will defy even extreme negative circumstances! The Spirit of gratitude is here!

I saw in a vision a huge field with cars everywhere! Every driver had a drawing, like an architectural drawing, spread out on the hood of the car & inspectors were examining them! And I perceived that it was about the 2023 journey & our visions! Pray for clarity of vision! It won’t go according to plan until we tap into Gods plan! Seek guidance!

Again, I was in the bed, and I heard an intense voice asking for divine intervention. Then, there was silence! Moments later, I heard a very comforting voice say, “give me a gift of a soul this December!” And I understood: for many, the key to their last minute miracles will be soul winning!

Nothing will make the year end better than love & goodwill! Reach out! Visit with family! Care for the brethren! Share the little you’re blessed with! Embrace the wounded & repentant! Build bridges of grace! Let your Christmas carry the mark of Christ! Glory to God in the highest, peace & goodwill towards men!

Merry Christmas in advance!

Much love!

George Izunwa
Lead Pastor

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