December: Laughter!

Published By George Izunwa, December 1st, 2021

December: Laughter!

December: Laughter!

Welcome to December 2021

Everything is perfected by grace! Heaven has commanded fulness of joy! No hand of wickedness will rest upon you! It will never be said that any dark cloud rose over your sky!

Get your dancing shoes ready! Use every moment you can for celebration! Never postpone your joy! It doesn’t have to be exactly as you wished it, but it is exactly as God set it, to begin the next level of your glory!

Begin the month by anointing yourself with oil. It will be the oil of perfection & gladness!


TEXT: Psalm 126:1-3



The grace to finish strong is upon you! I am the Alpha & Omega. My word over you will not return void! You will have fulness of joy!

Hear this: I will cause your expectations to be fulfilled in haste! It will not be carried over into another season! Sudden testimonies will manifest! Your hope will not be cut off!

Sing a song of victory! Shout aloud for joy! Celebrate grace! Live in the now! It is done for you! Nothing can withhold it anymore!

The voices of your mockers are subdued! The label of reproach has been removed! The table is set for you! Eat your fill! Every enemy will be a witness to your lifting!

Remember what this season is all about! It’s about my love for you! Receive the love! Put me at the center of it! Tell my story! Bring others into my love!

What voices have you listened to? Shut your ears to the enemy! Stay planted in my house! Follow the voice of your shepherd! Pursue my kingdom purpose! Your hour of reward is near!

Refuse to internalize the realities & fears around you! My covenant with you is higher than any work of wickedness! Believe it! Plead it! Walk in covenant obedience! Rest in hope!

There will be evil. There will be terror. There will be tears, but it will not come near you! Everyone & everything connected to you is under the covenant! There shall be no loss!

Expect exceptional favour in this season! I have anointed destiny helpers for you! Men are positioned & commanded to serve your joy! What you need will come with the ease of grace!

See! The gates of a new season are open! Set your vision in line with my voice for the days ahead! I will show you my loving kindness! Your next phase of your destiny journey will be defined by my goodness & mercy!


It’s ok to shout for Joy!

Invite others into your excitement!

Let everyday of December declare your gratitude to God!

2021 will end in testimonies!


Much Love

George Izunwa
Lead Pastor

Jesus Exceeds Expectations!

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