As the pace of life evolves, moving quickly should be a natural instinct for any human; yet, not everyone moves with speed.

We are not strangers to the word ‘speed.’ But what really does it entail?

Simply put, speed is how fast you can move yourself from one point or level to another.

To be relevant and to maintain relevance, speed is a significant factor to consider.

Why bother about speed? I hear you whisper. Must I be in a hurry about my dreams or goals? Is it not good enough that I arrived, at least?

Well, there are some good reasons why you should be bothered about speed, and below are a few:

  1. Many of life’s opportunities are time specific.

Many things in life have been programmed to naturally occur at a particular time or season in life. At such times, if you don’t seize the opportunity while it lasts, you may miss out.

  1. Life’s competition does not sympathise with late comers.

One moment of hesitation may never be recovered. It is wisdom, therefore, to run at the blow of the whistle or the blast of the trumpet. Take a look at Esau: before he returned from the bush, Jacob had collected the Blessing.

In the Jungle, the Antelope must run faster than the Lion or it may become a casualty.

  1. There are blessings that lose their satisfaction when they don’t arrive early. Psalm 90:4.

Imagine buying a man of thirty a toy car today that he desperately needed at the age of nine. How relevant is such gift to his present circumstance? He will probably insult you for mocking him with such a gift. It is the same way when blessings arrive when the season for its need has elapsed; it results not in joy but bitterness of heart.

  1. Late arrival increases anxiety and desperation.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick; but, when the desire comes, it is a tree of life (Proverbs 13:12). A delayed marriage, child birth, success, for instance could lead to desperation. And desperation has led many, believers included, into all manner of vices: fraud (yahoo), rituals, kidnapping, prostitution, etc.

  1. The Night may catch up with you if you don’t set out early.

If you fail to begin your destiny pursuit early enough, you may not have the chance to finish before the night falls.



Having considered the merits of speed, the next logical question is, “What is destiny speed?”

To give a clear definition, let us consider the meaning of destiny for starters.

Destiny is simply the sum total of all events preordained to happen to a person.

Destiny speed thus refers to the pace at which an individual experiences the things that he should naturally experience according to God’s plan and purpose for his life.

Destiny speed determines how fast your miracle arrives, how quick you get your breakthrough, how promptly you get your vision accomplished, etc., in line with God’s ultimate plan for your life.

No doubt, delay in destiny is dangerous.

How, then, do we attain destiny speed?

  1. Have a mega dream with kingdom content.

Your dream must be big enough to involve God. If the content of your dream is within your purview, you may not need God. If it’s what you can handle, you may not see reasons to involve God. Make it mega and watch the mega God do mega things.

Note, however, that it is not enough to dream big, it must be God and people inclusive. It mustn’t be all about yourself and immediate family. Let it have the kingdom of God at the front burner and other people in it.

You can’t fulfil destiny living for yourself alone.

When God is sure His kingdom is your priority, he will not only facilitate the dream but grant you speed.

  1. Invite God into your affairs.

God will never interrupt your schedule; if you don’t invite him, he will not be present.

Learn to carry God along in your plans and he will not just carry you through the plans but carry the plans on his head (see to it you succeed at all cost).

Nehemiah testified to this when he said that the king and the people showed him favour because of the good hand of God upon him (Neh.2:18).

Sometimes, lack of progress is traceable to lack of God’s good hand of favour upon a man.

  1. Be an aggressive fighter.

You must cultivate a holy anger against stagnation and setbacks.

What you tolerate is what you permit.

The reason why you are still at this level is that you are too merciful, and, that, to your own detriment.

You have the anointing to discipline wickedness.

For instance, if anyone is boasting around you that you cannot rise except over his dead body, simplify his task, go ahead and send him a casket for his funeral (End of Discussion).

May God grant you speed this year to pursue, overtake and recover all you lost in previous years in Jesus’ name.

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