Published By Blessing Elendu, December 7th, 2021



Yeah right! In this depressing times? Under this funny national atmosphere? When whatever can be shaken is shaking? Expect good? Aren’t you tired of this ancient ‘just be positive’ crap? Tell us something new! Hmmm! Believe me…. I came with something new!

Amazing new! Fresh from heaven! Life giving stuff! And here is it: Expect good! Believe for it! Pray for it! Sow for it! Confess it! Expect it! Good is coming to you!

1: Attitude is a CHOICE! No matter what has happened or is happening to you, it is still within your power to chose your response! Choose joy! Choose positivity! Choose hope! Choose to square your shoulders & keep moving!

2: Your posture towards life can either attract good or repel good from you! I guess positive people are kinda more welcoming of connections, opportunities & adventures. And the results is that they notice more of such.

3: Anyway, if being negative takes practically the same amount of mental energy as being positive, and negativity offers nothing, while positivity connects to hope; I’ll rather choose the little something called hope!

4: THINK about this: If I expect bad & it happens, then I am sunk! If I expect nothing & it happens, then I am stuck! But if I expect good & it happens then I am super! So what are the options again?

5: The voices of negativity are so loud! Economy. Politics. Social media. Hardship. Rejection. Religion. Old failures. Sinful habits. Etc. But you can shut your ear. You can change the channel. You can get into the WORD OF GOD!

6: And this is the clincher: Both the negative & the positive work together to give us our destiny win! It is a cosmic conspiracy! Ask Joseph! It is true that the enemy meant it for evil, but God always turns it for good!

7: So, how is your year ending? Expect good! It will end in testimonies!

Ps 65:11

Thou crownest the year with thy goodness; and thy paths drop fatness.


The Lord make the end of 2021 better than it’s beginning for you! May your year be crowned with Gods goodness! Everything work for your good! Nothing evil be heard of you & around you in Jesus Christ name!

Much Love

George Izunwa

Lead Pastor

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