Find the good in it!

Published By George Izunwa, June 14th, 2022

Find the good in it!

Find the good in it!

Aaaaah! That Judas case was a bad one; a whole ‘Prophet Jesus’ sold for 30 pieces of silver! Then came that ‘hail, master’ kiss & all hell broke loose. But funny enough, right at that point, Jesus called him ‘friend’ & Jesus never sugarcoats stuff; Judas was both his friend & betrayer! Matt 26:48-50.

How so, Pastor? Because Judas was a problem with a purpose. His betrayal took Jesus to his next level. And like the Old Testament Joseph’ brothers, Judas came to do evil, but God used the temporary pain to work out his eternal plan. Yeah, Jesus called him friend because he was a ‘destiny facilitator’!

1: Hey, calm down. YOUR DESTINY IS NOT IN THE HANDS OF ANY PERSON. The stuff you see your ‘bad-belle friend’, [boss, associate, spouse etc], doing to hurt you does not have the final say over your life. You’ll come through it!

2: Even when evil seems to succeed, it could still be directional to destiny greatness; GOD HAS A WAY OF BRINGING LIGHT OUT OF DARKNESS! A Portiphar’s wife may send Joseph to prison, but God will use the prison as a launchpad for a palace move! Hmmm! Someone is working to put you in trouble? Your high places may be loading!

3: It is easy to be so fixated on circumstances, that you cannot see the sovereignty of God or notice purpose in anything. It looks bad now, but now is not all there is! LOOK UP, LOOK THROUGH & LOOK BEYOND IT! Ask for a divine perspective! This will pass & the next will be glory!

4: When you lose your peace & sense of humor, it becomes impossible to find the good in the negative. NOTHING DE HAPPIN! DE THING WEY HOT, GO SOON COLD! Yea, you may not like the smell of the mess, but at least, let it’s sound make you laugh! Find the good in it!

5: Evil is evil & not every evil work seems to point to any purpose. Sometimes, we even lose the battles. But often, in fighting against evil, we build spiritual, mental & even social strength that endures. WHAT HAPPENS TO US IS NOT ALWAYS AS IMPORTANT AS WHO WE BECOME THROUGH IT! That may be the purpose, after all!

Well, in the immortal words of that short apostle, Paulo, ‘suffering for his sins’ in Kirikiri underground;

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” – Rom 8:28



Lord, my destiny is in your hands! No evil circumstances or person will have the last word over me! Every issue of my life must end in testimonies in Jesus Christ name!

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Much Love

George Izunwa

Lead Pastor

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