It cannot be Unsaid!

Published By George Izunwa, April 4th, 2022

It cannot be Unsaid!

It cannot be Unsaid!

It’s like that statement made by my friend, Joe, that maybe only eternity can erase from my memory: “George, I saw it, I cannot unsaw it”. Yes, Dear Joe, it cannot be ‘unsawed’!

The moment a word goes out of the lips, it’s gone! Whatever is said cannot be unsaid! And because words are very powerful, taking responsibility for our words is one sign of spiritual & relational maturity!

St. Jimmy concurs with me;

  1. A CARELESS WORD can bring a life under spiritual judgment! A careless word can undo the good work of many years! A careless word can reset a destiny negatively! Matt 12:36-37
  2. Anytime the flow of words seem frequently negative, we must check that a negative dynamic is not on the throne of our lives! EVERYONE SPEAKS FROM WHAT DOMINATES THEIR HEART! Matt 12:34-35
  3. Bad words can be lethal! The WOUNDS CAUSED BY WORDS may not be as visible as bullet wounds, but sometimes, they are almost as deadly spiritually, mentally & emotionally etc.
  4. There are many people who are UNAWARE OF THE TOXICITY OF THEIR WORDS! But if a beautiful wife/husband/child/staff/member etc seems to wither around you – maybe you’re an abuser!
  5. An apology after an outburst is ok, but it takes an INTENTIONAL & CONTINUAL AFFIRMATION to erase the hurt caused by caustic words! Yes, say sorry, then keep speaking healing words, and never go back to the cycle of nastiness!
  6. Refuse to make your ear a dumping ground for emotional tyrants! It is not healthy to hang around a FOUNTAIN OF EMOTIONAL STRESS, and thank God say person no be tree – we fit waka comot!

    Prayer: Lord make me a fountain of good things! No evil flows from my heart & lips! I reject every negative thrown in my direction! My life will produce ONLY proofs of grace in Jesus Christ’s name!

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