Life is Good – Part 1


“A person’s attitude to life affects his/her sense of fulfilment in life, more than the realities of life”

– George Izunwa.

Anyone who is intentional about a good life must be intentional about the atmosphere around him!
You can be very sure that every day, for as long as you live here on earth, life will fight hard to take your smile and shine!  Secondly, you must also know that negative people and situations are constant in life and they will always show up in your life. So, it’s either you protect your smile or discard it. Habakkuk 3:17-19, Philippians 4:4.

How does one secure his/her smile? It’s by deciding to keep your joy Psalms 118:24. Joy is a testimonial of the depth of your walk with God as it draws out the provision of grace and triggers covenant favour. Psalms 16:11. Joy confuses the enemy Psalms126:1-3 whenever joy dries up, be certain that destiny will begin to wither hence be watchful Joel 1:12.

Watch I: make sure to let go of the past & allow a breath of fresh air because if you don’t let go of yesterday, you will never fully live today.

Watch II: Protect your soul from haters & joy drainers. This is true as anyone whose attitude can depress your life has too much power over you that is helpful!

Watch III: Make allowance for life’s interruptions & imperfections because life doesn’t always go as planned & prayed for! The uniqueness of every human is that they are bound to display weakness so make room to entertain such. It will help you greatly along life’s road. This can be achieved if you look for the good in everything & be thankful for every mercy.  Be flexible with your plans & adaptable to the seasons of life and let God be senior management & commit to his master plan.

Watch IV: celebrate the simple pleasures of life with others because wise people don’t wait to celebrate special moments, they celebrate life itself.  Receive life as a gift & unwrap each moment with enthusiasm, don’t wait for someone special, make someone special by sharing. Also, make God’s presence special & he will make yours unique.

 Watch V: Everyone in life has his/her drama. Drama is amusing when it is not your reality! Hence stay away from other people’s life drama. Celebrate other people’s life but maintain your uniqueness.  Keep your thoughts within yourself & your words with the wise. It’s good you commend people to grace & commit their judgments to God

Finally, when God’s word fills your heart, His world will overflow from your heart!

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