Life is Good – Part 2


“The proof that a person distrusts God’s master plan is when the future occupies him/her with anxiety!”

– Pst. George Izunwa

Heart condition is life’ most critical condition. For your smile to keep blossoming, one’s heart needs to be guided Proverbs 4:23

Nothing can satisfy a man whose heart is in competition with vanity! Let’s see some practical examples:

1.     Imelda Marcos, the wife of former Philippine President was obsessed with clothes, shoes, and jewelry. In fact, her 3000 shoes were kept in a museum!

2.     Sarah Burge is in the Guinness Book of World Records for hundreds of cosmetic surgeries costing over $3m. Her obsession was that she wanted to look like a Barbie doll.

3.     John D. Rockefeller, the first man to cross $1b liquid cash. He once controlled 90% of petrol, kerosene & diesel in the US. It may interest you to know that once upon a time his wealth was 2% of the US economy.

4.     King Solomon, the wisest King that ever lived planet earth. He had wealth beyond his generation! Wisdom above all in his time! Built one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world! Married 700 wives and had 300 concubines!

Vanity upon vanity, all vanity says the wisest king that once lived. The heart is never satisfied but the bible says godliness with contentment is great gain I Timothy 6:6-8. The outflow of love and grace from a man reflects the transactions of his heart! This is so because whatever takes root in the heart will produce fruits in the physical. Whatever tree you plant in the heart will determine the fruit of your life. To keep your heart, you must regulate your mental transactions. Heart spaces are occupied either by God or by demonic entities. Life becomes self-opposing when the devil arrests the mind.

To keep your heart, you must learn to commonize problems, compartmentalize them and borrow courage from other people’s testimonies. Bringing your own problem too close to your face will block your normal view of life. Dread keeping offenses as it is one of the deadly sicknesses of the heart. It can consume the infected party and make the offended infectious to everyone around because hurting people hurt people. Exodus15:23-25

Also, whenever anger turns to bitterness and silence turns to depression, evil spirits gain access into one’s heart! Ephesians 4:26-27.

How does one keep the heart? You can keep your heart by creating intimacy with

God. This is a heart issue before it becomes a devotional practice! This is necessary as the best heart keeper is God Psalms 73:26. Just like we recommended in keeping your smile, fill your heart daily with God’s word.

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