Life is Good – Part 3


”Anytime life is in an “in-between phase”, our attitude must reflect our faith & not the circumstances”

 Pst. George Izunwa

Faith is trusting in the integrity of God’s word! Really? Yeah. Not having faith is like telling God, I don’t believe a word you say in the bible. I don’t trust that you are dependable. If at all what is written in the scriptures happened and they are not just stories, then it cannot be applied to today’s world. Seriously? Yes! So having faith is actually proving God is true and faithful? Absolute yes! Faith is the bloodline of every child of God. We live and breathe with it. The very act of being born again is FAITH! How? Did you see yourself in any womb? Did you see yourself being born again as a baby? You just believed that by the confession of your mouth, it is done!  Everyone has been given a measure of faith from the very day the confession was made. As blood is to a baby so is faith to a child of God. Faith simply means to believe. It is the foundation of all spirituality! The greater a person’s faith, the greater his/her destiny possibilities.

It is expected that every child of God grows their faith. Your level of faith is revealed in the actions you are willing to take. Believing alone is not faith. It becomes faith when it is connected to a specific word of revelation from God! Men of faith keep stability and productivity in the changing seasons of life because they know of a certainty that it will always end in testimony! The more your faith, the greater mountains you’ll conquer, the more victory songs you’ll sing.

It pleases the Father when we exercise our faith in life’s journey (he that comes to God must believe) it is like telling Him, Lord I believe in the infallibility of your word. I trust the integrity of your word. I know you cannot go back on them! Imagine what the three Hebrew children did in Babylon. They have been taught that there is only one true God, the maker of heaven and earth (not the works of men’s hands). So when they were commanded to bow to another god (works of men’s hands), they were ready to die not even hoping that their lives were at stake! They said even if God will not save us and if all of a sudden He has changed. We have chosen to believe this truth that He is God alone and so if we die this excruciating death we die! Queen Esther said if I perish, I perish! Paul said I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that is He able to keep that which I’ve committed unto Him. If he could part the red sea, what river of life can He not handle? If He could send one of the stingiest birds on earth to feed his servant. If He can feed the children of Israel with food from heaven, what do you desire that he cannot give? Look at the sparrows he said. The silver and gold is mine saith the Lord of Host. Give Him a chance for once to prove His word in you by putting your faith to work.

How do you keep the faith? Daily fortify your inner man with God’s word. Knowledge is power. Secondly, grow God’s confidence through intimacy with Him. Self-confidence says ‘I can handle it’ but God’s confidence says ‘I have a divine backup’. Thirdly, hang out in the company of hope. Fourthly, anchor your faith on covenant practice. Know the scriptural basis for every covenant practice and finally the better your relationship with God, the greater the potency of your faith!

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