Published By George Izunwa, March 2nd, 2022



WELCOME to March 2022!

There will be remarkable breakthroughs this month, rooted in exceptional favour! For many, the harvest of 2022 will begin in March & continue for the rest of the year!

Yes, the fear in the nations is real, but our COVENANT with God is our preservation from all evil. The shaking will go on. The preparation for the soon coming of the Lord Jesus Christ is on. And the bride of Christ is being beautified with sanctification, blessings & power as she awaits her Lord!

MARCH 2022


TEXT: ISA 45:1-5


The darker the times are becoming, the more necessary it is to put absolute confidence in God. Over and over again, I heard the Holy Spirit say to me: “God is enough & much more than enough!” There is no better time to make God our source than now!

The word of the Lord came to me about the 4 keys to provoking breakthroughs this month;

-1- joyful, expressive & continual thanksgiving

-2- radical & consistent praying in the Holy Spirit

-3- practical generosity & kingdom partnership

-4- persevering positivity & diligence in business

He said to me: These are my people! It is not a burden to me to bless them! I am not reluctant! They will walk in my high places through favour! They will be distinguished in the land! They are my choice seed & I will glorify myself in their glory!

In a prophetic vision, I saw bushels being lifted away & hidden lights shining forth. This is the season for gifts & talents to shine forth. Multitudes will come to our rising! He said, “I will announce them; tell them, I will sponsor the lifting of their heads!”

And he gave me this instruction! Rebuke the resistance & speak the blessing upon them daily. Let them speak also over themselves & anoint themselves with oil. I will command their cups to run over! The days of stagnation & destiny delays are over!

I saw multitudes returning with joy to the house of God! Yes, evangelism will be productive in March. Daily testimonies will be prevalent. The house of God will be filled up with people. “They will go from strength to strength as they appear before me”, says the Lord!

Glory to God!

Do these things:

-i- Thank God for a new month. Anoint yourself with oil. Declare that your life is under Gods eternal covenant. Ask for grace to live to please God in March 2022. Ask God to use you this month for his glory!

-ii- Pick up a currency note. Proclaim that God is your source. Ask for the release of everything you need. Command money to come to you this March. Declare March 2022 your month of BREAKTHROUGH!

You will have the very best in Jesus Christ name!


Much Love

George Izunwa
Lead Pastor

Jesus Exceeds Expectations!

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