Mission Aid Project

The call to make disciples of all nations cannot be done in isolation. It requires a strong partnership of both passionate “goers” and committed “senders”. Just as the news caster need the whole crew to provide backup services for comprehensive news to be presented to the public, so missionaries and the work need an active support team to be productive on the field. The Gateway Missions Aid Project (MAP) was established to serve as a forum for reaching the unreached mission fields

The Missions Aid Project (MAP) believe in networking and the collective efforts of Christians with passion for the unreached people and places to achieve a common goal of enthroning Christ over the nations through various means for the speedy reconciliation of sinners to Christ.

Various Ways you can Partner with the Missions Aid Project (MAP)


In every town and city The Missions Aid Project (MAP) enlists men and women to join hands with her in reaching the nations for Christ. These men and women are called Associate Missionaries. Being an associate member of MAP in your town or city automatically makes you a full fledged member. You are seen and treated as an Associate Missionary. The only difference is that while the full-time missionaries are in across-cultural setting directly taking the gospel to the unreached, you are in a familiar cultural setting indirectly taking the gospel to the unreached by way of giving financially and materially, organizing programs/conferences and prayers, and mobilizing men and materials on behalf of the ministry for the field and office missionaries.

As an Associate Missionary, you are free to engage in any financial venture which the full time missionaries are not allowed to do. This makes it necessary for his group-the Associate Missionaries to labour on their behalf to raise the materials and prayers needed for the success of their work. An Associate Missionary can join the full-time mission work according to God’s Leading. Associate Chapters Organize Mission Awareness programs in their areas as well as visits to The Missions Aid Project Field. Contact us for the nearest Associate Chapter close to you on how to start one in your city or town.


There are five ways you can adopt a mission field, they are:

Partial Adoption of Work: This involves a regular partial support of the work in a particular field.
Partial Adoption of the Workers: This involves a regular partial support of the workers in a particular field.
Partial Adoption of the Work and the Workers: This involves a regular partial support of the work and the workers in a particular field.
Adoption of Special Project(s): This involves adoption of capital projects like buildings and sinking of wells and bole-holes in a particular field.
Prayer Adoption: This involves adopting a particular field as your prayer project. Interceding and upholding the field in prayers.

Please let us know the category of adoption you want so that we can send you the field for adoption.


All M.A.P missionaries depend on God through the gift offering of His people. No missionary draw wages from the ministry’ fund. When you adopt a missionary, your support whether in prayers, material or finance goes to the missionary and his family. Do you wish to adopt a missionary for support? The ministry will provide you with information about a missionary for adoption.

There are two levels of child adoption: Total adoption and partial adoption.
Total adoption implies that the child will live with you as one of your children and not house help. In this case you take up the child’s total being, spirit, soul and body. Partial adoption implies that the child’s does not have to be with you. You only take care of the child’s educational responsibility and other responsibilities as the need may be. The child from time to time pays visit to you. Please, Let us know the type of adoption you are interested in, and the sex of the child you may wish to adopt.


M.A.P has several ongoing projects both in the field, M.A.P permanent site and various zonal offices. You can partner to provide support for materials or finance for any of the project. Do contact us if you would like to partner with us in this area for further information.


Mobilization simply means telling people about what God id doing through M.A.P and arguing them to join hands with us to finish the task. If your local church is mobilized, the vision of advancing the work of mission in our time will go a long way to being a success.

You can mobilize the whole church and/or form a group of people through your mobilization effort that will give and pray towards M.A.P work. Some from this group can also become full time work force for the ministry.

Materials are available for your mobilization efforts. Please, Let us know where you need further help in order to help you fulfill your mission.

The Missions Aid Project has:

  • Built 33 (non Gateway) missions churches in Nigeria, Togo and Ghana.
  • Given out 3 cars, 22 motorcycle, sewing machines, etc to missionaries in the field.
  • Established 2 missions’ schools in Kebbi and Zamfara State and paying the teachers’ salaries from PH.
  • Awarded scholarships to 14 missionary convert children in the Bassa Kumo field.
  • Hosted an annual one week furlough/retreat, every August for missionaries and their spouses. Over 350 persons have benefited from the program.