Just say, “Thank You!”

Published By George Izunwa, May 17th, 2022

Just say, “Thank You!”

Just say, “Thank You!”

Contentment is not an easy virtue to market. There seems to be a hustling spirit resident in everyone of us. Even great ‘saints’ sometimes manifest flashes of great greed & great envy! Of course we call it by other nicer names; and it even helps to whet our competitive appetite & drive some amazing, grandiose achievements! How noble!

To be contented in a competitive world seems disastrous! Life is a move & until we quench, we must keep questing. Every bar we cross, must be replaced by a higher bar. And it’s not fair to watch another appear to be better in any area. Hey, mirror, mirror on the wall, you better make sure nobody bests me, or I will break you! Aaaaaah!

Someone said that it is difficult to find a contented visionary. He said that ambition is at variance with contentment & only a restless spirit makes progress. I accept that he is wise in half & the other half of it is that, he doesn’t understand the meaning of contentment.

1: True contentment is NOT THE ABSENCE OF DESIRE, it is not resting from adventure, it is not being satisfied with smallness: CONTENTMENT IS BEING GRATEFUL for where you are on the way to where you are going. It is being thankful for now, while pursing the next! Contentment is in the ‘Thank You’.

2: One of the proofs of contentment is in the RESTFUL ATTITUDE & ATMOSPHERE around a visionary person. It is possible to be in pursuit of greatness & still have patience of spirit in the ‘go-slow’ of life. Anytime ‘shalom’ departs, even the noblest of visions can becomes a toxic & hellish striving.

3: True success is not just achieving your desired goal, it is more about how you got there & WHO YOU BECAME IN THE PROCESS OF THE VISION. Don’t let the toxic environments of ‘business’ mutate your character. Refuse to go from a friend to a fiend. Don’t ‘die’ your marriage. We don’t want to lose you to your ‘success’!

4: EVERY CONTENTED PERSON IS A GENEROUS PERSON! Generosity is not only for ‘rich people’! We don’t give because we have much; we give because we love much. When you’re grateful for little blessings, you will happily share your little with others. It is not about the amount, it’s about the heart!

5: Yes, you needed N150k to pay a bill & a ‘friend’ who earns N150k, could only give you N30k. Please THROW AWAY YOUR ENTITLEMENT MINDSET & say ‘Thank You’: He/she earns about N5k per day & has just given you approximately 6 days of his life. That’s some sacrifice!

6: Even in loss, CONTENTMENT CAN HELP US ABSORB THE SHOCK! Hmmmm! I know it is hard to go this many seasons without a title win, but then, Arsenal used to win in the Old Testament. Contentment o oh! That’s why Job worshipped in his pain. He has seen good days, now he is seeing some bad days & he knows that better days will still come!

“But godliness with contentment is great gain.
“For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out.” – 1 Tim 6:6-7

That quote came from Paulo, that short fanatic with a bald head, who organized the stoning of a Jesus student called Stephen. He later became a Jesus follower! God of wonders!

Prayer: The peace of God envelope you! Your journey of destiny be with grace! No more struggling & toiling! Succeed without soiling your character! The Lord make you his testimony in Jesus Christ name!

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Much Love

George Izunwa
Lead Pastor

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