You can enjoy it!

Published By George Izunwa, March 7th, 2022

You can enjoy it!

You can enjoy it!

Na me & you de complicate life. In trying to create, arrange, scheme, explain or protect our desires & control our life’s outcomes, we make life a burden. We get too interested in how tomorrow turns out that we forget that today was yesterday’s tomorrow. In pursuing destination, we don’t enjoy the journey!

Poverty is more about the increase of greed than the absence of stuff! People with scarcity mindset are too afraid of ‘it’ finishing that no matter how much of it they have, they won’t let any go! They think they don’t have enough of ‘it’ to enjoy it, and assume that those of us ‘chopping life’ have more of ‘it’ than they do!

1: They asked billionaire John D. Rockefeller how much it takes to satisfy a man & he answered, “a little more than he has”. Aaaah! Anyone who is not satisfied in his/her inner man will NEVER BE SATISFIED BY ACHIEVEMENTS or ACQUISITIONS!

2: Kai, Money o oh! The goal of HAVING ‘IT’ is to ‘USE IT’. Money is not Monet; you don’t acquire it to be admiring it. Money is a tool for making impact, solving problems & enjoying life. We may recognize people who acquire much of it, but we only reverence those who use it right!

3: People who fixate on having children, miss out on the fun, friendship & fellowship of marriage when conception is delayed! Relax, BABIES WILL COME, but enjoy your home while preparing for them. Try slow down on that 70 days fasting to just enjoy ‘the love of your life’.

4: It is NOT A SIN to take a break or have a holiday! Working everyday for 50years is NOT A TESTIMONY even if you’re ‘working for God’! No, God is not a slave driver! He worked six days & rested on the 7th. He asked the Jews to farm a land for 6yrs & allow the earth to rest on the 7th year! Selah oh!

5: Not every prayer you pray will be answered exactly as you want it! LET GOD BE GOD! Trust his ways! Every time we overthink life & second guess God, we complicate stuff. Didn’t you commit the relationship into his hands? Then calm down & let him order it’s outcomes! But for now, just enjoy it!

6: Life has no duplicate & no do over! GO FOR THE BEST & THE MOST! But never forget that life is for living! LIVE LIFE TO THE MAX! Tomorrow matters, but today matters too! Refuse to postpone life! Your joy should not be in the future! After the building? After the wedding? After you beat Elon Musk? No! It is now!

Ok, make I chook you this final word;

“Don’t be obsessed with getting more material things. Be relaxed with what you have. Since God assured us, “I’ll never let you down, never walk off and leave you,” – Heb 13:5 (MSG)

Prayer: You will walk in extraordinary blessings! Abundance is your portion! Everything about your life will work out! Grace to enjoy the best of life come to you in Jesus Christ name!

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Much Love

George Izunwa
Lead Pastor

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