Published By George Izunwa, November 1st, 2022



Hello Dear! Welcome to November!

The word in the mouth of November is ‘unusual’! This will be the month of many unusual & unexpected blessings! It will be a month when patterns & predictable results are discarded! November will throw up both the unusual positive & the negative, but by covenant, you will only eat of the good of the month!




He said to tell you: “I will do you good & not evil! I will bless you & not curse you! I will give you an experience of my unmerited goodness! You will be a testimonial to many, that my love is unfailing! You feel like you don’t deserve it, but I give it to you willingly, freely & joyfully! I am your God & I truly love you!”

And I saw men running in a race. The finish line was right before them, but many were looking faint! Then I saw a hand rest upon each of them & their faces brightened up. Joy brought the strength for the win!

The Lord said to me: “Pray over them the spirit of joy! Pour upon them the oil of gladness! They are weary because of disappointments & discouraging situations, but as they recover their joy, I will restore & command compensation for their destinies!”

As I looked into the heavens, I saw some clouds gathering in the distance. They looked like rain clouds & they were very dark!

Then an angel said to me; “See, the clouds are gathered. Judgment is coming upon the wicked. This month will shake off many evil strongmen – household wickedness, political fiends, occult opposers, people that thrive in violence & affliction etc. They will fall, never to rise again!”

And he said, “ask God’s people to lift up their voices & prophesy against them!” Then a multitude lifted up their voice. And as they spoke, flashes of lightening came out of the clouds & began to drop like bombs upon the earth! Then he said to me, “this is how to execute the written judgment!”

One of the promises of November is that it will carry a major part of the harvest of the year. It will bring massive soul harvest & in November, the good of the land will come in for many people.

He said to me: Remember that ‘He who sleeps during harvest is a son that causes shame!’ Wake up my church to soul winning. There is a reward coming. Also wake them up to diligence in their labour. Command them to finish the year strong! 2022 is not over yet!”

Have a supernatural NOVEMBER!

May your month be filled with GOODNESS & MERCY in Jesus Christ name!

Much Love

George Izunwa

Lead Pastor

Jesus Exceeds Expectations!

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