November: Wow!

Published By George Izunwa, November 1st, 2021

November: Wow!

November: Wow!

Dear Friend, 

Welcome to November! 

This is one month in which God will hasten results and rewards! 

Nothing is late already! The promise of 2021 is not done with! God is at work and you are on your way! 

There will be multiple family celebrations! There will be divine tokens of good everywhere! The word is WOW! 

Believe for the goodness and mercy of God to overflow!


TEXT: Ephesians 3:20 



Hear this: There will be no obstacle and no delaying of my work in your life! I gave my word and I will perform it! Believe for quick results! 

What are you expecting? Your results will exceed every expectation! It will be wow! I will use you to display my goodness! I will make you my testimony! 

Your gratitude for the little is your seed for the much! You are due for much more! New heights of grace and glory will open to you in this season! 

Open your heart to me afresh! Open your heart to my word anew! Refresh your spirit in my grace! I will put my new wine in your new vessel! Renew you!  

My favour will flow to you as you allow mercy and favour to flow to others! Go over and above in generosity! Open your hands in kindness to others and I will open my hands in blessing to you! 

Live out my love! Forgive the wrongs of others! Let the past go and I will open the doorways into your future! I will show you greater things in the spirit realm! Love is your now key! 

As the year draws to an end, many will be seduced by the spirit of futility! Reject that spirit! Reject hopelessness! Reject unbelief! There will be a performance in your life! 

This season will never swallow your destiny! Come to the physical from the supernatural! Your case is different! The covenant is your cover! You will never know shame or darkness! 

Lift up your voice against evil! Rebuke the darkness! Command the light! Be my battle axe! Refuse to give place to the devil! You will see it as you say it! 

One question I have for you: how many souls are you bringing to me in 2021? Would you come to the end of the year empty handed? Go for me and I will bless you!


The year will be secured in November!

Your December will be a celebration of the fulness of grace!

Go and succeed in Jesus Christ name!

Much love!

George Izunwa
Lead Pastor

Jesus Exceeds Expectations!

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