Published By Blessing Elendu, October 1st, 2022



Wow! Welcome to October 2022!

This month is carrying the testimonies of many months! The long awaited results will come in this October! Jesus will be honoured everywhere & joy will erupt in many houses!

The angel over October is carrying a candle in the midst of gross darkness! Refuse to focus on the darkness around! See the light! God will guide; he will provide; he will protect; he will reveal his goodness!


TEXT: ROM 9:15-16


Glory to God! Ease has come! The oil upon October is the oil that ends the toil of the year! From this moment forward, your labour & results will take a supernatural dimension! Yes, you will work, but more than that, grace will work for you!

I saw in a vision, a man, rising out of the earth, very muscled & very smooth skinned. He broke through forcefully from the ground, it looked like an eruption, but he had no dirt on him. His body was ash in colour, shiny, like coated with oil paint & he was announced as October!

And then, October began to run, each stride was with ease, like effortless, measured strides. Then he began to overtake! It was so obvious that he wasn’t putting in much energy; another force was running in him! And then I understood: October results will outpace that of the other months of 2022! It will look almost effortless!

The 6 prayers of October:

-i- grace to truly stride by the oils of God!

-ii- release of strange help for destiny ease!

-iii- removal of evil gates & strange mountains!

-iv- a heart 100% connected to divine direction!

-v- capacity for exceptional diligence & focus!

-vi- let my life please God & fulfil his purpose!

The angel said to me: “October will be full of news! Reject the bad news! Refuse to panic! The covenant is your hiding place & your launch pad! See only with the eyes of faith! The mighty may fall, but your destiny is not at risk!”

Another vision I saw, was a white dove, flying with an olive branch in its beak. And a voice behind me was saying, prophesy peace! Then I remembered Jer 6:14 & asked, what kind of peace? He said: “The peace will be in the hearts of men. Anxiety will die! Homes will be healed! Relationships will be restored! Families will be reconciled! In the midst of the tumult in the nations, prophesy the peace that passes all understanding!”

And finally, you must put this to heart: “The Lord has commanded a mighty flow of grace for faith projects in October! Step out & go for something you cannot achieve in your natural ability! It will look formidable, but it will surrender with ease & shall be delivered within the month!”

Have a glorious OCTOBER!

The Lord has commanded EASE for you!

Much Love

George Izunwa

Lead Pastor

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