Published By George Izunwa, October 1st, 2021



Hello Dear!

Welcome to October!

This is a prepared month! It is ordered for your good! Everything is in place! Every moment will be supernatural! The mystery of divine speed is released! The key word is NOW! It will not delay any more! What you were looking for is found!

Your intimacy with the Holy Spirit will grow this month! Be intentional about your altars with God! Live in God’s presence! Stay in consecration! Pray in faith! Serve his kingdom! Trust him! Yes, it will be big! It will come like a flood of grace! It will rush to deliver! It is ordained for this month!


TEXT: JOEL 2:25-30



I am bringing you into the performance of your prophecies! Enter into my prepared places for your life! My hour for you is now! Wear your covenant mantle & call on the God of your sacrifices! Stand in the place of worship every morning! Put my oil upon your head! The dry season is over!

There is a place in me for you! Rise in the Spirit! Come up to it! Your new season will begin in the place of intimacy with my Holy Spirit! My oil is upon you! Your cup will run over! It will not be empty! It will not be small! It will keep growing until it runs over! Your life will overflow!

The abandoned projects of your destiny are restarting in this season! Go back to site! The foundations of grace will not be abandoned! Begin to build again! The work will be finished in glory!

Walk around it! Around your house, office, church, business etc. Walk around it & declare my words! Invite my light into it! The darkness will depart!

There are men of oils that I will bring into your life in this season! Honour them & the grace gifts in them will answer to you! Serve them & I will cause life to submit to you!

Give! Give generously! Give your heart! Give beyond yourself! Go over & beyond! Trust in my immediate harvest! You will never be in lack ever again! Go and prosper!

A strange serpent is risen to bite children! But your children are under my wings! Keep speaking life over them! Hold unto my word over their destinies! No evil will have them!

I told you that I will plague those who hate you! The hour is now! The judgment of their evil works have begun! You will see & hear of the destruction of the wicked!

Hallelujah! It is established in Jesus Christ name!

Do you receive it?

God’s oil is upon me! My cup will run over! October is blessed!

Declare with me

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I love you big!

George Izunwa
Lead Pastor

Jesus Exceeds Expectations!

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