Phicol Jack Completely Healed of Erb’s Palsy

Published By Web Admin, December 2nd, 2021

Phicol Jack Completely Healed of Erb’s Palsy

Phicol Jack Completely Healed of Erb’s Palsy

This blog post is a excerpt of Mrs Precious Jack‘s testimony shared during the Gateway International Church 28th November 2021 Sunday Service (Fourth Service)

Mrs. Precious Jack is here to thank God on behalf of her son, Phicol Jack whom she conceived in 2012.

From being born with complications that led to Erb’s palsy, numerous hospital visits for almost 18 months two days after his birth, plagued with different biological complications such as wrist dislocation, tiny hands, scapula complications, digestive issues that led to throwing up after eating to the point of being advised to do a stomach surgery, God in His infinite mercy turned around the situation of Phicol by the faith of his parents before and after January to Please God, the family of faith @gicfamily and His sent word!

Phicol has been totally made whole! He has been restored! GOD outrightly OVERTURNED the EVIL AGENDA of the enemy!

WATCH THIS TESTIMONY AGAIN! They told God to thank you every step of the way & He was committed to doing more! I keep saying it;


What can God not do? What’s that thing you’re believing God for? Tell Him Thank You in the comments

Remember, it’s 100% sharing! As you share this, may God hasten your testimony in Jesus Christ’s name!

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