Published By George Izunwa, April 2nd, 2022



Welcome to APRIL 2022

The wind will blow! Life will be given! The river will part! An army will arise! The quails will gather! The locusts will be driven away! Yes, there will be an invasion of the SUPERNATURAL on the earth!

Expect the UNUSUAL! It will be a strange season of REVIVAL! Spiritual possibilities you never thought to be possible in your life will become normal! Grace for greater works is NOW!


TEXT: Job 33:4

WORD TO WAR WITH: Isa 42:5-8

The breath of God is life! It is the breath also that creates everything that facilitates & sustains life! Everything in the human body came by the breath coming upon molded dust! Gen 2:7.

And he said to me, “This is the season of the resurrection life. I will breath upon my people & they shall live. An army shall arise out of their dry bones. New life will spring forth everywhere. Marriages. Careers. Businesses. Ministries. Etc. They will all come alive in this season & I will supernaturally create systems that will prosper them!”

The way to access Gods breath?

  1. Spend time fellowshipping with his presence, consistently!
  2. Invite the wind of God – the Holy Spirit – into the ‘death’ places!
  3. Stay away from every spiritually & emotionally toxic atmosphere!
  4. Keep close company with ‘a select few’ life giving relationships!

I heard him say: “You are not of this world! You should not live, fear, or speak like the world! It may not look like it now, but truly, you have overcome the world! So, live from above! Live out of my word & spirit! If you do, your results in this season will be altogether supernatural!”

In a vision, I saw multitudes being released from cage like prisons. They came out wearing stripped prisoner uniforms. I also saw new clothes, on hangers, along the way out of the prison house. Some immediately tore their uniforms & put them on, while some just walked on into a huge crowd, still wearing their prison garb. And I saw myself screaming at them, ‘please change your garments; you cannot continue wearing that!’

And so friend, are you wearing any bondage garments? This April, in the name of Jesus Christ, you must put it off! Prayerfully, tear off anything that represents a negative past. A new you must emerge in grace, goodness & glory!

The Spirit said also to me: “Jesus died & rose from the dead! Make that the news of this season. Make this Easter about evangelism. Announce Calvary’s victory & I will cause you to live in the fulness of the victory! Go for souls & I will command an outpouring of blessings on you!”

Now, this was strange: I saw people being marked & I asked why? The marker said to me, “it is the mark of judgment! They have hurt Gods people for long. God gave them time to repent & they refused. I am sent to release them to their judgment. Their cup of evil is full!” And so, this April, many unrepentant adversaries will face divine judgment!

Glory to God!

Prophetic Assignment:

  • Can you stand before an AC, or a Fan or Just fan yourself & begin to prophetically invite the wind of God to blow in your life?
  • Anoint yourself with oil & ask the Holy Spirit to carry you along in whatever he is set to do on the earth in this sacred season!

This April will bless you! You will see wonders in Jesus Christ name!

Much Love

George Izunwa

Lead Pastor

Jesus Exceeds Expectations!

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