The Judge Rigged it!

“In most systems of the world, A rigged Outcome is Permitted”  ~Pastor George Izunwa

In recent and previous elections in Nigeria, it is always believed elections are being rigged by the stronger party. Suffice me to say that it is not peculiar only to Nigeria or African countries but also practiced in the developed nations as well and even surprisingly, the bible.

Let’s take a look at Jacob, he had always had favor with the right persons in power. At first, in Genesis 25:29-34, he cold-heartedly took the title, (the Flag Bearer of the party called the ‘Firstborn’) from his brother Esau. Not only was he interested in the title, but wanted also the full package Genesis 27. What did he do? He fondly found his way into Rebecca his mother’s heart. He needed her to help him hijack the ballot box in his favor and guess what? It worked! The election was rigged and Jacob won even when all odds were against him.

Now if we go down to Genesis 29, we will meet a man smarter than Jacob and who was old in the Rigging business. He gave Jacob Leah instead of Rachael to wife. At this point in Jacob’s life, he realized to counter launch an attack on Laban, he had to find his way to the heart of the overall judge of the earth. Fortunately for him, his plans scaled through and again, the system was rigged in his favour.

Joshua also had the system rigged for him when he commanded the sun to stand still, Joshua 10:12-13. The system was rigged when the children of Isreal had to walk on dry land in the midst of the sea while their enemies were discomfited in same sea Exodus 14:21-30. Daniel in the lion’s den versus his accusers showed a rigged system Daniel 6:16-24.

There are some persons that fell out of favour with the judge of the earth and the outcome wasn’t palatable at all. King Saul, for instance, lost his kingdom to a little shepherd boy I Samuel 15. Nebuchadnezer lost his kingdom and was exiled to the forest Daniel 4. Moses disregarded the instruction of the judge and missed the promise land Numbers 20:8-12. Haman not only lost his position, honour, and glory but also his life and that of his sons Esther 76:9-10. The list goes on and on.

The question now is, what side of the coin are you with the judge of the earth? His good or bad books? Obviously, it had never pleased any contestant who is in the bad book of the judge of the competition neither did it favour the few examples given above. Please do what you can to be in favour so as not to lose your ‘kingdom’. This kingdom of yours could be anything like money, life, etc. I adjourn you this day to intentionally make a decision to be in the good books of the overall Judge of the earth rather than the bad or the good books of men because he can move protocols for you. He can overthrow kingdoms for you as he did for the children of Isreal in Egypt, Joshua, Gideon, etc. You can now see that even the High Judge of the whole world does rig the outcomes of the system. Be on his good books to keep winning. The first step is to accept Him as Lord and Savior of your life and that would entail the journey of a favourable rigged outcome in your life.

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