“In Gods value system, the purpose of the church ranks higher than the perfection of the church!” – Pst. George Izunwa

A wise man once defined the church as an institution that is both perfect in Christ and flawed in its humanity.  Men who focus on the flaws often make light of the purpose! Purpose? Yes, purpose. The church has a purpose which is:

In recent times the church is giving the world the impression that it is a gathering of just and righteous men, those who already had knowledge of God’s word. While on the contrary it is meant to be a place that welcomes people as they are and not what they are expected to be. Take a look at our school system. A child is admitted into school to acquire knowledge and certificate he didn’t already have. It is the teacher’s duty to educate him on various subjects

A second illustration will be laundry services. The laundry man does not expect clean clothes but dirty ones. Neither does he inform his clients to stop bringing dirty clothes. This is because the purpose of the laundry services is to make clean dirty clothing and not the other way round.

The church has passed a wrong message to the world. They want saints to come to church. They want wise instead of the simple to come to church thereby defeating the sole aim and purpose of the church. In Matthew 13:47-48, this world is referred to as the sea. In the sea, there are various kinds and species that exist. The net is the church (a mixture of the good, the bad, the ugly) where it is expected that the written and inspired word of God is taught which in time becomes the revealed word to a listening heart. The shore is the place of Judgment. A place where the selection is made between the good and the bad. This process is carried out only by the Almighty and not by the church as it is being seen today. Matthew 25:31- 34. Obviously, from the bible especially the teachings of Jesus Christ he didn’t come for the saved but for the lost. He gave many illustrations to drive home the purpose of this death. Let’s examine a few of such:

Finally, from the above illustrations, a church is a place where both the saved and lost souls gather with more attention given to the lost soul. After a while, the church (Net) will be brought to shore (place of judgment) where the good will then be selected and the rest would be cast into a lake of fire. Let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he falls. The brother of the prodigal son thought he had it all covered. The unprofitable servant thought he was smart. The Pharisees saw themselves as saints and custodian of the laws. Judgment will start from the very household of faith. Let us, therefore, walk circumspectly redeeming the time by ensuring the doors of the church are open to the exact persons it was intended for, the sinners, the simple.

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