Three Ways To Have A Day Like No Other

Published By George Izunwa, July 21st, 2023

Three Ways To Have A Day Like No Other

Three Ways To Have A Day Like No Other

Joshua was a young man who had succeeded Moses as the leader of God’s people—the one who was assigned to take them into the promised land. He carelessly cut a covenant with a group of people whose land the Israelites were also supposed to possess. This was a terrible thing he did and could have ruined his authority as a leader, but thank God he learnt how to handle his mess.

In this article, I will share a few tips I taught from the story of Joshua. Joshua turned his mess around. Just a moment after such destiny error, he commanded the sun to stand still and as it had never been, God honoured his faith. To have a day like no other is to make your life worthwhile.

So, how do you have a day like no other? I’ll share three things you can do to have a day like no other. Here they are:

  • Survive your blunders.

The greatest lie of the enemy to God’s children is “It’s over!”. But the truth remains that nothing is truly over until God says so. No matter how flat and deep a person falls, God’s arms are always stretched to pull them back in. Do you remember Peter? After he had betrayed Jesus, Jesus resurrected, sent for him and reassured him that he was still the rock upon which the church will be built. All Jesus required from Peter was love. His question was: Peter, do you love me? Peter’s answer was yes, and that was all that mattered to Jesus. Like Joshua and Peter, the place of your biggest blunder can become the place of your biggest breakthrough. It is possible to survive a major destiny blunder because the downfall of a man is not the end of his life. You may not be able to make a new beginning after that mistake but you can make a better ending.

  • Honour Covenants.

Only men who honour covenants provoke the covenant acts of God. You see, Joshua never wanted to step in to defend the Gibeonites. To him, that would have been another disaster. Thank God he sought God and God asked him to get to war. The reason was simple: God honours covenants. The Scriptures tell us that God said He is a covenant keeper and He won’t break His covenant or alter the words which have gone out of His mouth. Psalm 138:2 tell us that God has exalted His Word above all His name. That’s how much He values covenants. People who will experience God in tremendous ways are those who like God, honour covenants. People whose words have no consequence cannot provoke divine intervention by faith. That’s why faith pleases God, and faith is evident in one’s thoughts and beliefs. A day like no other is possible when you begin to pay attention to covenants. Many people are in misery today because they dishonoured marriage vows, financial vows or other forms of covenants. Marriage and other vows are not to be tampered with if you are going to have a fruitful and rewarding life.

  • Shock God with Your Faith

God responds to faith. We see that again and again when Jesus healed people and performed miracles in the Gospels. Most times, He was provoked by the faith of these people. By the Centurion whose servant was sick, He was wowed! The woman with the issue of blood drew virtue from Him by just touching His garment. Back to Joshua, this guy commanded the sun to stand still. How won’t God move? Many times, life will not give us what we deserve; it will only give us what we demand. Applying faith is equivalent to making a demand from life. Sometimes, it seems like time may be running out and your age is counting but you need to realise that God restores, rewinds and forwards time as it pleases Him. When anyone says it’s too late, faith has just not been applied. Nothing is too late, my dear. No dream or vision is too late for God to intervene. Faith can freeze, extend and recover time to establish a divine purpose; I need not tell you this. It happened with Joshua and many others like Hezekiah. These people froze time! And what seemed like a nuisance suddenly became news. It takes one mega result to turn a nuisance into a news-maker.

Seize your day! Seize your life! Be intentional about building the future you want to see by learning the principles and ideals that make men stand out. Cheers!

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