Welcome to Money March

Published By George Izunwa, March 2nd, 2024

Welcome to Money March

Welcome to Money March


Money March is here! Glory to God!

The best of God is released for you! By the favour and wisdom of God, you will prosper! Nothing good that you pursue will be withheld from you! The early fruits of the year are here now! God will make you eat the good of the land in Jesus Christ’s name! Nothing will die in your hands!

Yes, I never promised you that the world will get better or that Nigeria will get better, but I promise you, that if you keep following and walking with Jesus, despite the prevailing circumstances in the nations, your life will keep getting better! Your path will shine brighter & brighter unto the perfect day in Jesus Christ’s name!

“The young lions do lack, and suffer hunger: but they that seek the LORD shall not want any good thing.” – Ps 34:10

Just one prayer – 2024: the lack of money will never impede anything in my destiny journey! Let my life be well-resourced by grace in Jesus’ name!

And one key to God’s abundance in March is gratitude! Be thankful for now while pursuing the next! Be thankful in nothingness & watch heaven command seasons of thanksgiving for you! And please, refuse to pursue things! We pursue His kingdom & He supplies our needs! We are diligent & creative but we don’t cut corners! Our boast is in God!

Intentionally serve in the house of God! Also, find occasions to serve other people in humility! Go for soul-winning! God wants to announce you! Walk in humility & the fear of God! Put your sacrifices on God’s altar! As you order your ‘conversation right’, God will show you His salvation in this season!

Everything you need for your next level in life and destiny is given to you, in Jesus Christ’s name! AMEN!

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