The Unfruitful

The night before Jesus’ crucifixion, He proclaimed He was the True Vine and we are the branches. John 15:1-8.

Years ago while studying all through the night for Senior School Certificate Exams, I decided to take a nap to digest what I had studied. I had a revelation of Jesus speaking to me in the vision of the night that every branch that does not bear fruit will be cut off! Why would Jesus speak such words to me? Was I faking my Christianity? Had I done something wrong? Could it be that I was not winning souls to His kingdom? If for anything, I didn’t want to be cut off! Never!! While I was trying to figure out why I had been given such a message, I was puzzled about why the use of the vine. He could have used a tree or the fig and then I stumbled on some facts.

I realized after several years from the bible that God has always fallen in love with humble spirits.

  • King Saul was in all ramifications better than King David, but it was David’s humility that won him an everlasting dynasty
  • The harlot, she deserved the punishment for adultery, yet she had Jesus backing her up. Not because she wasn’t guilty but because of her humility to accept her wrong.
  • Jesus, as assumed by the wise men from the east was expected to be born in the palace as a prince but no… He was of a lowly birth.

In essence, is the vine of lowly Spirit? Yes! Its lowliness bespeaks humility. It shows a close, permanent, vital union between the vine and its branches. Revealing that, the branch gets its sustenance solely from the vine.

This relationship symbolizes connection, intimacy, belonging, survival, partnership, life, progress, etc. For the branches to live and bear fruits, they must be connected to the vine. There must be a total dependency on nourishment, support, strength, and vitality.

Jesus is called the true vine because Israel in the Old Testament was referred to as God’s vine Isaiah 57:1-7. Likewise, the branches connected to Him are referred to as true Christians. They can never be plucked off from Him John 10:28. He promised to keep them John 6:37. Obviously, from the scriptures, Christians are by their positioning and connection to the vine meant to be fruitful. So contrary to popular belief, they are not the branch to be cut off. In fact, to preserve life and productivity of the connected branches, the fruitless branches have to be cut off.

Who then are these unfruitful branches? Remember the tares in the bible? they were left to grow with the wheat but when the day of reckoning came they were separated and burnt. Remember also the guy with the hidden talent? He was actually perceived as one of the three of his master’s servant until he was detected out as unproductive and cast out by his master. Now let’s focus on Judas, he appeared like the other eleven branches connected to Jesus while in reality, he wasn’t actually connected. He was even given the responsibility of the treasurer. He never knew His master neither was he ever saved like the eleven John 13:10-11. These are the unfruitful branches the bible was referring to and not the Christians. Romans 9:6  says “for they are not all Isreal who descended from Isreal”, likewise I John2:19.  I refer to these branches as Judas-branches. John the Baptist called such branches “brood of vipers’’ Matthew 3:7-8.

Conclusively, you need to be sure your connection to the vine is genuine and not religious like the Pharisees (Brood of Vipers). The only usefulness of the unfruitful branches is to be burnt because they bear only bad fruits polluting all around. Hell is real. Apostle Paul said in 2 Corinthians, that we should test and examine ourselves!

To stay connected, know that the bible is the inspired word of God. Let it dwell richly in you. Secondly, become an active member of a bible believing church Ecclesiastes 4:12. Moreso, pray always, that’s the surest way to commune with the vine. Remember plants communicate. While on that, make sure to cultivate a humble spirit.

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