The Youth Church

The Youth Church

Hello Dear!

Welcome to the Youth Church

The Youth Church is the place for all youths. Here we are being trained on all our activities on how to become destiny leaders. Ordinary youths are transformed into great leaders. The Youth Church gives you an opportunity to express your gifts, talents and skills.

Our Identity
Our Identity

We are the Youth Church that:
Welcomes and loves people. Enjoys friendships and build Godly relationships, Loves and puts God first, Transform youths into great leaders, and Help youths to genuinely encounter God

TEC is What We Do
What We Do

What we do as a church is explained with the simple acronym; TEC:
T Train E Edify C Connect

Our Mission
Our Mission

To build youths who are destiny leaders, minifesting God's presence and in charge of their world.

Our Core Values
Our Core Values

Our core values is centered around three simple statements:

Loving God passionately. Loving people unconditionally. Daily living our faith as a christian.


The Youth Church is one of the fastest growing inter-denominational Youth churches in Nigeria, in the city of Port harcourt. It's under the umbrella of Gateway International Church (Mother's church). She specializes fully in youth ministry, with massive impact, testimonies, and mind boggling proofs. Restoring the lost destinies of this generation and empowering them to make diverse impact in their world is her core mandate!

It's youth age range, ranges from 20years - 25years from all works of life. We have exceptionally trained, gifted and friendly leaders (ALL YOUTHS) and our wonderful Youth Pastor equipped to handle turmoils peculiar to youths of this generation. We facilitate and help build talents, skills, competence and character, we also undergo deliverance and counselling for special cases.

Here you will have fun, make friends, build a destiny. We don't just feel good we also encounter God!

Our Service


An overview of our weekly and monthly activities, if you wish to get any specific details kindly use our contact details below for further inquiries regarding the youth church.

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  • Sunday Service/Programmes 3pm - 5:30am
  • Saturday Publicity & Evangelism 4pm - 6pm

Higlight of other weekly actitvities:

    • Monday LEADERS MEETING 5pm - 7am
    • Tuesday TEAM REHEARSALS 4pm - 6pm
    • Thursday TEAM REHEARSALS 4pm - 6pm
    • Friday LEADERS PRAYER MEETING 5pm - 6pm
    • Saturday DRESS REHEARSAL 2pm - 4pm


  • 1st Saturday GENDER MEETING
  • 3rd Saturday SPORT ACTIVITIES

Higlight of other monthly actitvities:

  • Last Friday LEADERS VIGIL
  • Last Thursday WORKERS� MEETING

NOTE: Retreat for leaders holds quarterly


With Us



  • All
  • Boundless Joy
  • Drama
  • Music Team
  • Moment of Worship
  • Healing Power

Boundless Joy


Boundless Joy 2

After Ministration

Moment of Worship

Healing Power

Boundless Joy


Boundless Joy 2