Intentionitis Frustratum!

Published By James Nwachukwu, February 8th, 2021

Intentionitis Frustratum!

Intentionitis Frustratum!

Hahahaha! Medical science sure knows how to give a big name to anything dis-ease. Some of the names can knock the breath out of the hopeful. Ok, take this one. That tongue bump is called, transient lingual papillitis, and that funny hiccup takes this biggie, synchronous diaphragmatic flutter!

And there are some suggestive ones too. Kidney stones are called renal calculus. Maybe mathematics is going on there. The Covid-19 virus is called severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 or SARS-CoV2. Don’t you think that was a prophetic trigger for ENDSARS. 

Intention sickness!

That brings me to the name of that chronic condition known as ‘good intention without commensurate action’. We call it, intentionitis frustratum. It’s symptoms include the generation of multiple concepts & highfalutin plans, with attendant slothfulness & lazy-boy lethargy. The end is frustration!

Intentionitis frustratum is the reason why many big grammar people never become mega achievers. They know the moves but never make a move! They propose it, but won’t pursue it! The unhook their dreams from diligence & sit back to watch the less talented overtake them! It is a regret filled life! 

Go for it

Then comes the ‘God will do it for me’ folks. Oh, dear, who will wake them up! Hey! Hey! Prayer time is done! This is action time! Get off your ‘blessed assurance’ & begin to pursue your aspirations! The downloads of grace are in you now, so, put it to work! We don’t wait or watch for prophecy to be fulfilled; we war with prophecies! 

This charge I commit unto thee, son Timothy, according to the prophecies which went before on thee, that thou by them mightest war a good warfare

1 Tim 1:18

Nothing works until you work at it. Daydreams turn to nightmares when you wait too long. You cannot live in an architectural drawing! Nothing is real until it is made real. Go to work. Go for it!  Yes, it is Gods will for you & yes again, it is Gods work for you! Get it done! 


The grace for mega things rest on you in Jesus Christ name! I rebuke every slothfulness! A new passion for action is upon you! Whatever you pursue this week will be attained! You will fulfill your purposes in Jesus Christ name!

Much Love

George Izunwa
Lead Pastor 

Jesus Exceeds Expectations!

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