Naaah! It won’t work!

Published By James Nwachukwu, April 5th, 2021

Naaah! It won’t work!

Naaah! It won’t work!

A ‘situationship’ story begins with, “Pastor eh, it’s complicated”.  And the devil is wondering at who really complicated it. He is like the spider that wove a web. Then the fly entered the web & while working it, got it more complicated. The pause before the chopping is the spider wondering at the fly! 

Passion is a beautiful thing. It’s like fire, though. Good for cooking, but not for your fingers. We love passion in love relationships. It’s energizing. It’s intriguing. It’s promising. But again, passion makes for fantasies & not all fantasies end as fantastic.

Some things are not built to last!

Yesterday, I spoke to hundreds of young people on a few ways to know when a relationship is not built to last. The aim is to help someone make a quick exit & avoid a long slavery. Not every two nice people should bond together. Sometimes the best way to love is to let go! 

Here’s few of the pointers to a shaky foundation;   the interest & interaction is limited to the physical.

  • The interest & interaction is limited to the physical.

There is no connection beyond beauty & passion. He/she makes you feel good, but there is both emotional, intellectual, social & spiritual emptiness.

  • the friends & circle they run with makes you uncomfortable.

If you’re concerned about the people around him/her, then be very careful. In most relationships, those circles don’t change, they’ll only get adjusted. “People often choose the way they often choose!” Get it?

  • the communication is irregular & not memorable

That friend who doesn’t have the time to call or text isn’t thinking of building a life with you. Give them the benefit of their busyness & remember that if you wed them, you’ll be mostly begging for attention.

  • most times they take decisions without asking or considering your opinion

Have you noticed that you like to ask for the opinion of people you value in your decisions? Ok. He/she doesn’t ask for yours. Use your tongue to count your teeth.

  • you’re not always fully yourself when you’re together

If you’ll pretend to be another person just to fit in with them, you’ll have to mutate to live with them. Well, let’s hope you’re a caterpillar growing into a butterfly!

  • they magnify your faults but keep excusing theirs & forcing you to accept it

Mean people manipulate others into taking blame for their foolishness. Their assault is because you provoked them with your forgetfulness. And your forgetfulness is because you’re disrespectful. Got it?

  • there is false conformity & adjustments to accommodate each other

The guy who followed you to church just to make you believe he is listening to your religious counsel is truly a guy. Wait until he gets what he is looking for.

  • there’s another contending person in the picture 

When there is either an ‘ex’ or a ‘next’ always in the picture, get out. Your stepping away is putting value on you. If you stay, you tell him/her where to place your worth. Very low!

  • they are abusive in their behavior to you or others

A person may not mistreat you because he/she doesn’t want to lose you; but where you notice their abusive lifestyle is in their response to ‘smaller’ people around them.

  • you don’t agree on many life defining, spiritual issues

Your spirituality is at the very core of your being. Even when you’re both Christians, if you don’t like the same religious practices or don’t believe the same doctrines, it will create lifetime heat in your relationship. Careful!

Make a decision!

Ok. Today looks quite long, but it may help guide you for very long! If you do the checklist and need counsel, please WhatsApp +234-702-5000-950 or Email: [email protected] with your questions. Take this scripture along too, in case you need to make a decision: 

Love from the center of who you are; don’t fake it. Run for dear life from evil; hold on for dear life to good

Rom 12:9 (MSG)


The Lord give you a glorious destiny! No destiny errors! Receive supernatural guidance & divine speed! Walk into every good place of destiny in Jesus Christ name! 

Much Love

George Izunwa
Lead Pastor

Jesus Exceeds Expectations!

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